Saturday, January 23, 2010

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Night had fallen hours before. My desk lamp was the only light in the office. The night was hot and I was down to my undershirt and suspenders as I worked. The light glinted off the bullet in my hand as I carved the last line of the rune. A curl of lead fell from the slug and onto that evening's edition of the New York Imperial Times. I set the bullet down on the paper next to the dateline, May 13, 1931.

I carved the Demon's name into five more bullets just like the first and loaded them into my revolver. It was going to be either him or me, and I only had to the end of the new moon to finish my 38 caliber banishing.

Set in a magically twisted 1930's, Two-Fisted Tales of Magic is a new podcast by Ted Wade. The Great War has broken the walls to dimensions once relegated to folklore. Humanity now shares the earth with Dwarfs and Orks from the Kingdoms of the Hollow Earth, Fair Folk of the Fae Realms, and Creatures of the Demon Reaches. Far from helpless, humanity can call upon magic through wizardry, superlative physical powers, and weirdly enhanced technology.

Two-Fisted Tales of Magic, Coming in April 2010

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